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Who are we

We are one of the first licensed investment intermediaries in Bulgaria with more than 20 years of experience catering to institutional and private clients.

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What we do

We guarantee fast order execution and high-quality capital management.

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Why trust us

We have a license from the Financial Supervision Commission (license number RG 030 008) that enables us to operate as an investment intermediary on the territory of Bulgaria and abroad.

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Who are we

  • FH EVER Inc. is a leading FOREX and CFDs liquidity provider which offers a diverse spectrum of investment services. The company was founded in 1992. With more than 20 years of solid experience, we have accumulated considerable knowledge and expertise in offering our clients high-value investment solutions. We have a rich product portfolio for both institutional and private clients, which includes brokerage services and asset management.
  • The company stepped ahead of the competition by achieving financial innovations through integration of latest software and dedicated development process. The combination of a hi-tech approach and strong reputation has persuaded more than 170,000 clients to entrust publicly traded stocks and other securities to FH EVER Inc. Among the list of our clients there are public and private entities, mutual funds, international investment companies and many more.
  • We know that nowadays flexibility and quick adjustment are what makes the difference. We are not afraid to walk the extra mile. We aim for constant development and upgrade. FH EVER Inc. guarantees high standards of services, integrity and professionalism. It is a leading service provider in the sector, proven over the years.

What we do

For institutional clients

Оur institutional clients include investment firms, mutual funds, public companies and others.
We offer high standard services, critical for our clients’ investments such as:

Fast order executions guarantee transactions at all times, at the best price. Our experienced team of professionals specialises in premium services such as IPOs, stock exchange listing and delisting, buyouts, placement of corporate bonds, and effective consultations.

For private clients

By providing quick, cost-effective and personalised services we succeed to maintain long-term relationships
with our customers and ensure their full satisfaction. We offer a wide range of financial solutions such as:

All possible transactions with shares
Purchase and sale on
a stock exchange or OTC
Inheritance of shares
Transfer of shares
Donation of shares
All types of instruments
Shares of public companies
Shares of private companies
Corporate and government bonds

Thanks to its extensive experience, FH EVER Inc. provides the most appropriate consultations
as well as safeguarding and administration of clients’ assets.

Why trust us

  • FH EVER Inc. provides investment services and activities on the territory of the European Union and the European Economic Area, as well as in third countries in accordance with the provisions of the Markets in Financial Instruments Act. The Company complies with the MiFID (the European Union Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) to safeguard investors' interests. This guarantees maximum transparency and compliance with the highest regulatory standards.
  • FH EVER Inc. is a member of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE), licensed by the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission and registered with the Financial Services Authority in the UK and the relevant regulators in Poland and Romania.
  • The company is a licensed administrator of personal information and takes all the necessary measures to ensure its clients' money is safe. All funds are kept in segregated accounts and to give an extra level of protection, FH EVER Inc. is a member of the Investors’ Compensation Fund.
  • Any investment carries the risk of markets moving against you, but FH EVER Inc. has taken every available regulatory and technological step to avoid issues caused by anything other than investment decisions. We value your money as much as you do, and we take care of the resistance and stability of your investments. We know it’s not just today’s value that matters, but tomorrow’s return. So, you can trust the company to operate with maximum transparency and to handle your money with utmost care.


  • +359 2 448 4861
  • 3 Lachezar Stanchev Str., fl. 13
    1756 Sofia, Bulgaria

  • Licensed by the Financial Supervision Commission BG.
    All Rights Reserved © 2014 FH EVER Inc.
Risk Disclosure Notice

Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are a complex, financial product and are not suitable for all investors. This notice outlines many of the risks of trading these products. There are risks and other characteristics of the products however which it cannot disclose. If you have any doubt whether or not these products are appropriate for you, you should take professional advice before trading. If you are unsure of the risks or whether you have sufficient financial resources or experience to trade these products, you should not begin trading with us.

CFD trading is a high risk activity and carries a high risk to your capital. Don’t use money you can’t afford to lose. You could lose much more than your initial payment.

You should only consider trading in CFDs if:

  • you have extensive experience of trading in volatile markets,
  • you fully understand how they operate, including all the risks and costs involved,
  • you are aware that the greater the leverage, the greater the risk,
  • you understand that your position can be closed whether or not you agree
  • with the provider’s decision to close your position,
  • you have sufficient time to manage your investment on an active basis.

Execution Only

We will not offer you any advice or recommendations regarding the suitability of any investments with us, and nothing we send or tell you should be read in this light. We may provide you with factual information in relation to our products, their potential risks or about the financial markets in general; in doing so we will not have assessed your individual circumstances.


Our products offer various levels of leverage (or ‘gearing’). Before trading we will ask you to send us funds as an initial deposit. Each product we offer will have a margin requirement. Based on this requirement and your initial deposit, you will be able to trade a contract value in excess of your funds. For example, a margin requirement of 5% would enable you to trade contracts 20 times as large as your deposit.

Fluctuations in asset price will therefore be magnified many times. A small price movement against you may result in a larger loss.

Margin Rates

We reserve the right to adjust margin requirements for each of our products. This may result in your margin requirement increasing. You may therefore be required to deposit additional funds to maintain existing positions.

Position Monitoring

It is your responsibility to monitor your account. Should the net value of the account (cash plus running profits minus running losses) fall below the margin required, we may close some or all of your trades at the prevailing market price. This should not however be taken as a guarantee, and the responsibility is your to ensure that sufficient funds are on your account at all times.

Market Risk

CFD trading relies on the movement of underlying financial products. You are therefore exposed to similar, but magnified, risks to holding the underlying assets. Some of these risks may be defined as:

Volatility - sharp, unexpected movements in the underlying product, resulting in a magnified profit or loss to you. Markets may not move in a smooth fashion, and price ‘gaps’ may occur with consecutive quotations far apart. There may not always be an opportunity for you to place an order or for our platform to execute an order between the two price levels or for the platform to execute an order between the shift in price. One of the effects of this may be that stop loss orders are executed at unfavourable prices, either higher or lower than you may have anticipated, depending on the direction of your trade.

Currency - where you are trading a product denominated in a currency different to that in which you hold your account, fluctuations in the exchange rate will affect your profit and loss.

Liquidity - under certain circumstances, it may not be possible to close some or all of a position at the prevailing price or at all.

Counterparty Risk

We are counterparty to all your trades. None of our products are listed on an exchange, nor can any rights, benefits or obligations be transferred to anyone else. While we undertake our obligation to provide you with best execution and to act reasonable and in accordance with our published terms and condition seriously, contracts opened on your account with us must be closed with us, based on our prices and conditions.

You are also exposed to the risk of our default. We are members of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and in the unlikely event of default, you may have recourse to this scheme. Details of this scheme may be found on the ICF website.

Bank risk

All our client funds are held in accordance with FSC regulations in client bank accounts. While we monitor the creditworthiness of our banks closely and select them on the basis of robustness and solidity, using only major international banks this does not mean that they are risk free.